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Kathleen Meryck

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Specialising in Pain Free Pain Relief

Senior Accredited Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists

AAMET  International  EFT Practitioner

Master Reiki Practitioner

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You may have chanced upon this site while looking for information about healing therapy for Mind, Body and Spirit, EFT or Counselling/Psychotherapy.  If so, I do hope you find what you need here and I can be of service to you. 


Most of us have within us the resources we need to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  However, at various times things happen that can overwhelm us - such as loss and grief following a death, divorce or redundancy; life changing, limiting or threatening illness and accidents; relationship conflicts and other life altering circumstances and events.  Often, at such times, we are unable to access our inner resources and can be left floundering in a tunnel of pain, worry, confusion, depression or despair.  At these times healing therapy - in all its forms - can help us find our way through the darkness into the light.

I know it takes courage to admit you need some help and to take those first steps to ask for it.  I, too, have been challenged – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – and I have personally tested, and gained positive results from, the therapies I use.  As your Catalyst for Well-being in Mind, Body and Spirit, I will guide, support and hold you in a safe place while you heal and transform.

I provide Counselling and Reiki therapy [see Counselling and Reiki Healing sections] and Emotional Freedom Techniques [see EFT section] which combines psychology and energy healing to stunning effect.  Integrating all the elements of these therapies, together with psychic insights and in-depth investigations into ‘clues’ given by the body into one combined healing service, I help you discover, address and heal the underlying core issues that are affecting your well-being.


I specialise in PAIN RELIEF [see EFT section] - no surgery, no drugs, no needles, no exercises.  My Pain Free Pain Relief Programme helps effectively reduce - or even eliminate - all types of physical pain ... even chronic pain!

All therapy packages are tailor-made for each client - incorporating [as appropriate] Counselling/Psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki Healing [Hands-on or Distant] and Life Coaching - according to their individual needs at each stage of the process. 

Therapy, in all its forms, is a process that requires commitment - both to yourself and the process!  You are investing in yourself and your future health and happiness.  As you do that, I will be standing in your corner, holding you in a safe place and supporting you all way as you heal and transform.

Whilst most sessions are in person, in some instances [e.g. pain relief] therapy can be effectively carried out via 'phone.  I offer a Confidential service and, as a Senior Accredited Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists, I adhere to their Code of Conduct and Ethics.


Although I am located in England, I have sent energy healing to people in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, America, Germany and Italy as well as within the UK [see Detective Stories section] - so wherever you are in the world, the Healing Detective and Reiki Distant Healing are available to you.


“I became a client of Kathleen Meryck after the onset of a chronic and currently incurable health condition triggered a serious depression.  Right away I knew that I was in the most capable of hands: Kathleen is not only a very skilled and experienced therapist and healer; she is also meticulous and holds herself to the highest professional and ethical standards.  Her familiarity with the territory of alternative health and a range of therapeutic techniques of self-transformation means that she can also empower her clients by varying the strategies she employs, when necessary. 

But what, perhaps, sets Kathleen above others in the field of counselling, life-coaching and healing is her remarkable insight.  She has the knack of intuitively cutting through a lot of the baggage that often attends a personal crisis to get right to the heart of a problem in a way which – in my case – was invaluable.

This, in my view, arises from her innate wisdom and considerable experience as a Reiki Master Practitioner.  Personally, I am highly sceptical about energy healing yet, in spite of my scepticism, I have to admit to being fascinated with the intriguing connections that Reiki/Kathleen makes between psychological states and physical symptoms which, at times, can be uncomfortably accurate.  I also have to confess that I have genuinely benefited from Reiki (both hands-on and at a distance) and EFT.  How can this be?  I don’t know!  But, at the end of the day, who cares if you are feeling better?  And I am. 

Through my work with Kathleen, I have successfully made the considerable adjustments that were necessary to successfully manage my health problem and I would therefore have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her without reservation to anyone reading this testimonial.”     {Martin  -  London}

Be happy and healthy ~ Don't settle for less!

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